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"Electric motors with high power requires too much energy on the start moment so they can start the movement. Initially these engines are conected with Star () and just when they reach their normal regime, the connection transforms into Triangle (), every metallic element needs to be Protected (), so they can be almost with ground value to have vital safety."

To transform a configuration from “star” into “triangle” means finding the same value for resistors. Unification of Resistance values, in all three of their connection points, inspired the creation of EuroElektra that is identified by three equivalent factors:


  • Product chosen by international market;
  • Quality by companies known worldwide and professional service;
  • Price competitive, wich is justified by the quality.

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Solution & Brands

EuroElektra bashkëpunon me brandet më të njohura në tregun europian dhe atë ndërkombetar.

Our Official Partners

Partneret tanë janë leader në sektorin elektrik me produkte të cilësisë së çertifikuar te cilet na besojn ne.