About Us

"Electric motors with high power requires too much energy on the start moment so they can start the movement. Initially these engines are conected with Star () and just when they reach their normal regime, the connection transforms into Triangle (), every metallic element needs to be Protected (), so they can be almost with ground value to have vital safety."

To transform a configuration from “star” into “triangle” means finding the same value for resistors. Unification of Resistance values, in all three of their connection points, inspired the creation of EuroElektra that is identified by three equivalent factors:


  • Product chosen by international market;
  • Quality by companies known worldwide and professional service;
  • Price competitive, wich is justified by the quality.


We started the activity back in 2008 with the very first electric implants for the costumers wich required quality and Europian standarts, high quality products and best brands from international market. The request for the products and the quality service pushed the founder of the company EuroElektra to bring into the Albanian market the best brands of the electrical sector and offer high quality at a competitive price. Such policy, followed since its very beginning, provided to EuroElektra the guaranteed succes and growing up with safe steps.

In 2010 EuroElektra has been registered as limited liability company, a new enterprise but very dynamic with a clear project base in the succesful model of “RemaTarlazzi” part of “Gruppo Comet”, which followed and accompanied at all times of growth. Thanks to this close and faithful cooperation, EuroElektra is now one of the companies that represents the most important European brands in Albania such as: SIEMENS, VIMAR, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, APC, FRONIUS, SOLARWORLD, MONDINI CAVI, OBO BETTERMAN, FAAC, GENIUS, ELVOX, MOBOTIX, AVIGILON, FINDER etj…

Our Vision

We inspire people and companies to work more efficiently and effectively, to create and make the right choices in the enviroment where they work by offering the best to the investors. Our activity has a positive impact of every day growing in many people and companies. It’s our common purpose to give our contribute in the society in order to help people with the best product and guaranteed quality by upholding the market price and to facilitate their work and life. This is what we do, this is what we do best, this is what makes us unite, to take care for people.

Our Strategy

Our main purpose is to create a model company in the distribution of electric materials, making us a simple example to be implemented in smaller or bigger proportions in the whole territory, nationatially and internationally, bringing together the solutions service, designand assistance in the implementations for every installer and application company, ensuring the investors for their choice, in our new central structure wich is allocated in Prush – Tiranë, adding growth opportunities in the range of products and services from new employees in administration and warehouse. The company in a short time has created a high professional profile in the market by accomplished important solutions through intelligent services, lighting plants with the quality products. EuroElektra thanks to earned experience offer solutions, projects, suplying and assistance for the implemention of works, which is more than ready to help implementing company in the market with the best products of the europian companies.

EuroElektra staff

All services are performed by a qualified staff of engineers who cooperates with partner groups and studies technological innovations on the market, not just those required, but also the products of innovation and the latest technology. Professional staff, always growing, enables optimal and efficient solutions thanks to the continuous training of professionals with whom cooperates.

EuroElektra guarantees safety and reliability praising quality – price-service ratio. EuroElektra’s products and services are certified according to standards and norms Italo-European IEC 60364 and CEI.

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