Smart Building 

Smart Building

Home control

With By-me each room responds to your wishes: at any time, for any occasion or necessity.

Simply touch the Multimedia Video touch display and in a few moments, for each room of the home, you can load one of 32 different temperature, lighting and comfort combinations, configured according to daily needs, special occasions, unforeseen necessities or pure personal pleasure.

With By-web app you can manage and view the main system functions from your smartphone.

With home remote control even from a smartphone, tablet or PC, you can control your house at all times, nothing will escape you even when you are far away.

From a smartphone, you can view and manage the main system functions, including the automation, scenarios, heat control, burglar alarm system and technical alarms.

Nothing escapes you, the whole home is just a simple, intuitive touch away.

View the video cameras, answer the video door entry system, control the lights, automated devices and loads, activate scenarios and manage the sound system.

Simply select the various rooms in the home and control all the functions, from a single point.

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