Do Solar Panels Work In Winter?

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Solar energy works by capturing the sun’s energy and during the winter, the panels continue to generate electricity. 

Power generation during the winter months will not be as effective, as the panels produce less than their usual generating capacity. The shorter hours of the day, lower temperatures, rainfall, snow etc.. are factors why solar panels generate less electricity in winter than in summer, but enough energy to meet your electricity needs.

SunPower solar systems are designed for maximum efficiency, which means they can produce more electricity even in low-light conditions. Using high-quality, anti-reflective glass, SunPower panels trap light from all angles, capturing more sunlight than conventional panels.


However, if the amount of snow completely covers the surface of the solar panels, the solar panels will not function properly in order to produce electricity. So, it is important that the snow is cleared from the surface of the panels to ensure that the system will continue to produce electricity.

On the other hand, we need to keep in mind that solar panels are installed in the south or southwest direction, the optimum direction to make the panels more exposed to the sun. This factor enables the amount of snow to melt quickly and the panels will continue to produce electricity.

If there is to much snow accumulation, manual removal may be the best option.

Depending on the height and slope of your roof, you need to make sure that cleaning the panel surface is a safe process for you, otherwise you should get professional help to remove the snow from panels.



From thunderstorms to snow, depending on the country you live in, winter can bring extreme weather conditions. These conditions are a major challenge for solar systems to produce power, while SunPower has utilized +30 years of experience to refine its technology to withstand these conditions.



SunPower panels have been tested for durability and quality under challenging conditions such as snow, extreme temperatures and high winds of 90 mph. These tests have made the difference between SunPower technology and other conventional panels. SunPower solar panels are designed to work without causing defects in all seasons, requiring very little maintenance.

This is one of the reasons that SunPower technology was chosen for NASA's GROVER exploration in Greenland.

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