The technology that ensures the highest efficiency of photovoltaic panels comes to the Albanian market!

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Recognized as one of the best quality countries for applying the photovoltaic sector in Europe, Albania is expected to enter the concrete realization phases of major projects such as the installation of photovoltaic parks with capacities up to 2MWp.

International practices in the field of solar park installation have shown that the use of quality products has increased production efficiency per panel in the longer term as well as enabled the use of less physical space for the installation of photovoltaic panels. Improvements in solar panel technical parameters have been in direct proportion to their prices, which have fallen sharply over the last 8 years.

Such technologies that significantly increase the efficiency of solar power generation have been introduced for the first time in Albania through a collaboration between EuroElektra and SunPower, the US photovoltaic panel-manufacturing giant. SunPower solar panels, compared to available systems, currently have the highest performance and longest warranty (25 years).

“The conclusion of the cooperation agreement with SunPower is really news for the photovoltaic sector in the region even though the level of public awareness of this fact has been low. For the most part over the last 10 years, the element that has made the difference between global manufacturers of photovoltaic technologies has been to maximize production efficiency in terms of costs. SunPower has achieved a 19% efficiency level, with each panel achieving 390Wp. This increase in production efficiency for a panel makes it possible for a 2MWp photovoltaic park to be installed around 2000 fewer panels than previously needed at the 15-16% standard. The first containers of SunPower panels have arrived at EuroElektra's warehouses to be implemented in one of the projects that will soon be launched. We are confident that the Albanian public will say "Yes" to an investment that reduces the costs of energy bills, covers consumption needs and above all has an environmental impact. “Adds Mr. Elton Cekrezi, CEO of EuroElektra.


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