When the taste of “Rapsodia Restaurant” touches on solar technology innovations!

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When the taste of “Rapsodia Restaurant” touches on solar technology innovations…

Choosing to minimize costs for your business by using alternative energy sources such as solar energy is a viable solution to ease the burden of expenses. Alfred Marku, owner and chief chef of Rapsodia restaurant in Lezha, shares the same opinion. Near the restaurant, Alfred has also built a milk-processing dairy to go further with his idea of ​​"zero kilo bio food". Under normal conditions, this would increase the costs of energy bills but not in the case of Rhapsody. In cooperation with EuroElektra, the company that specializes in the design and implementation of photovoltaic plants, the first dairy plant in Albania has been implemented that uses renewable energies to produce its products. The 300-m2 area of ​​the dairy farm is covered with a green technology “cloak” that generates about 50 kWp of power and calculates a return on investment that does not exceed 7 years.

"There are always ways to interact with nature and one of them is the interweaving of what we really have a" gift "from, such as: sunny days and prosperous land with what we can do: produce clean energy and bio products. I am happy that together with EuroElektra we have been able to turn the Rapsodia dairy cat into the first recreational space in Albania that generates solar energy to produce products that will enhance the taste of the dishes in our restaurant "- says Mr. Marku.


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