About Us

Business philosophy uniquely identified with professionalism...

"Electric motors with high power requires too much energy on the start moment so they can start the movement. Initially these engines are connected with Star (Y) and just when they reach their normal regime, the connection transforms into Triangle (Δ), every metallic element needs to be Protected (╧), so they can be almost with ground value to have vital safety."

To transform a configuration from “star” into “triangle” means finding the same value for resistors. Unification of Resistance values, in all three of their connection points, inspired the creation of EuroElektra logo.

Since 2010, "EuroElektra" has become specialized in the wholesale market by offering the full range of electrical materials: civil and industrial. Our product portfolio also covers important sectors such as:

  • Electrical materials
  • Automated security
  • Professional LED lightning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart Building
  • Renewable energy .

The company is a pioneer in Albanian photovoltaic market which has realized a considerable number of projects for both household and business customers.

Qualified staff follows every stage of realization of photovoltaic projects starting from initial study and consultancy to design and implementation, while respecting international technical standards (IEC). Our strongest point lies in collaborating with the best global brands in the respective sectors where we have also exclusive distribution for Albanian market.